Sell My Apartment Building Now!

Sell My Apartment Building Now!

Selling Your Apartment Building in Record Time.
No Need To Wait!

Real Estate Investor

You may be in a situation where you can't wait to sell your investment  or commercial property.  Perhaps you wish to retire. You need to do it now! You may not have enough funds to fix your rentals or appartment building. I got that.  Your investment became a major inconvinience and it's time to move-on.

 I buy multifamily properties and apartment buildings. I am also interested in portfolio of single familiy houses to provide an affordable housing to others. If you are looking for someone honest and upfront with you to deal with, call me today or submit the form below, and let us help you!

I am interesting in buying any multi-family properties, ranging from full duplexes, quadplexes, all the way up to large (100+ unit) apartment buildings.  I prefer at least 10+ units but will look at all cases.

Cash/ Terms

Guaranteed Offer in Writing! You name the closing date! I'll bring the money!

Ugly Buildings OK. No Repairs  are Needed. 

Let us handle the repairs. I will buy your property as-is .

No Real Estate Commission

I am a Buyer. Save Money! You pay no real estate commission because we're not listing your property. We're buying it!

Any Situation or Condition

Probate? Inheritance? Foreclosure? Short Sale? Unwanted Tenant? Divorce? Title issues? We have experience and staff to solve any issues. We got you covered!

 I need rentals! We can close whenever it's convenient for you.

We are looking for more appartment buildings and multi-unit properties all the time.
We buy properties in any condition and situation, and we can close quickly in 7-10 days if needed.

If you are looking to sell your investment property quickly, please contact us immediately to receive free and no obligation offer. 

Partners Trust Realty Group Inc is an investor specializing in buying and rehabbing properties that need work, or properties that owners no longer are interested in repairing, holding or renting it out. Because we rehab and buy numerous properties every year, we are able to trim the costs of theses renovations and pay a higher value to their owners.