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We cover Greater Orlando FL area including Oviedo FL, Winter Springs FL, Winter Park FL, Lake Mary FL, Windermere FL, Altamonte Springs FL.

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You will make more money with us!

Our property management services are designed to save you Money and Gain Peace of Mind! Your profit will increase GUARANTEED!

Part of the Familiy!

We manage our properties the same way as yours! Same vendors, same costs for repairs etc. And we don't want to overpay! (like you). If you prefer, we can also lease the house from you on a long-term basis and become your tenant!

Our approach is designed for a better and more efficient working relationship saving you from headaches and providing you with piece of mind. We reduce your liability while giving you long term leases and steady guaranteed rent payments.

Another-words, we will be your Tenant! No more unnecessary expenses & stress! Long term leases!

You lease the property to us and we will do the rest. It's that simple!

Lease Only

Simple for DYI Landlords

$1mo. rent


 Faster and more effective. 


  • Performance Based Lease
  • You can lease the property to us
  • Save more money
Master LEASE

The simplest & fastest way!  

Lease Your Property to Us!


  • No Management Fees
  • We can do repairs with no upfront cost to you.
  • Total Relief and Piece of Mind
  • Better Liability Protection
  • Better Tax Treatment/Tax Deductions (ask CPA)
  • Long Term Lease Signed with Us
  • 5-1o years Leases Available
  • Guaranteed Cash Flow

We will lease the property from you and pay you monthly rent.

We are PRINCIPAL in master lease transactions through our leasing company. We are lessee who pays the rent.
We do not act as an agent/broker when leasing a property via master lease from the owners. We are your tenant. The property needs to be available for long term lease to qualify for master lease benefits and arrangement.