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Sell Your Home in 55 Days or It’s FREE!

Selling Your Home Fast Now Just Got Easier!
Sell Your Home in 55 Days or It's FREE!

Real Estate Investor

I will sell your home in 55 Days  or It's FREE! Tat 's correct, if we can't manage to put your house under contract in 55 days, we will not charge you comission on our end!

If you are looking to sell your home quickly and have time to do it, there is no better way than to use our Guaranteed Sale Program.  Give us a call or submit the form below fore more informatiom, and let us help you!

 I need rentals! I can pay cash or lease the property for you. It's your call! We can close whenever it's convenient for you.

We are looking for more houses all the time. If you are looking to sell your house quickly, we can help. 

Please contact today for more information as some rules and restrictions may apply!

Guaranteed Sale or It's FREE.

Do you think we want to work for FREE? Your home will be under contract in 55 Days! You name the closing date! 

Help with Repairs. 

We have excellent list of contractors and handyman people available only to our customers.

Experience Team on your side!

If we cannot make it happen in 55 days, you pay no real estate commission!  

Any Situation or Condition

Probate? Inheritance? Foreclosure? Short Sale Unwanted Tenant? Title issues? We have experience and staff to solve any issues. We got you covered!